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Certified Professionals

Certified Professionals

Leading Exterior Design Solutions

The Leading Provider of Residential and Commercial Artificial Grass Services in Santa Cruz, CA

Level up your landscapes with high-quality synthetic turf and expert installation. Enliven your open spaces with Santa Cruz Artificial Grass! As the top provider of artificial grass services in Santa Cruz County and throughout Northern California, we can give you lush, evergreen grass surroundings that are without equal!


It's hard to imagine a landscape without natural grass. However, artificial turf has proven to have more advantages than real grass in recent years. We at Santa Cruz Artificial Grass have taken notice, and that is why we promote the use of 100% USA made artificial turf installation in Santa Cruz, CA!

Not only do we install artificial turf, but we help with every aspect of the design process as well. It can be confusing to know which product will look best, and how and where to install it for maximum impact. With all our years of experience though, you can bet your bottom dollar that every installation will be a successful one.

The Artificial Grass Advantage

Our artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing, but those are not the only reasons people are switching to synthetic greens. Here are some advantages of artificial grass landscapes:

Artificial Grass is Beautiful

Because of significant developments in synthetic turf production, artificial grass now looks and feels like real grass. You can barely tell the difference! Plus, it stays green all year round, even in winter and fall!

Durable, Yet Soft to the Touch

Even with its soft and smooth blades, synthetic turf can withstand high volumes of foot traffic without getting damaged. It is also resistant to extreme weather conditions, making it the perfect outdoor covering. With Santa Cruz Artificial Grass, you can get up to 15 years warranty on your investment.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural lawns, artificial grass doesn’t need costly upkeep practices to thrive and look good. Synthetic turf lawns only need occasional rinsing and brushing to stay in top condition.  This means you can achieve a pristine landscape without spending a lot of time and effort on yard work!


Contrary to popular belief, synthetic grass is made of eco-friendly materials. It also helps you conserve water and toxic pesticides for an eco-friendly turf.

Artificial Grass can Increase Your Property Value

A beautifully designed artificial landscape can increase the value of any property. If ever you need to sell your property in the future, the lawn's aesthetic look can fetch a reasonable profit for you!

Pristine Grass Landscapes

Aside from top-quality synthetic turf, we at Santa Cruz Artificial Grass see to it that each meter of grass is installed properly. We tailor our landscape designs to our client’s needs and preferences. Whether you want an elegant patio by your poolside or a mini-golf course on your property, we have you covered.

Our artificial grass services in Santa Cruz, CA, include:


  • Yards
  • Pet Spaces
  • Flooring
  • Playgrounds
  • Patios


  • Pet Facilities
  • Event Spaces
  • Government Facilities
  • Pool Areas
  • Day Care Centers!

If your grass installation project is unconventional, our team is ready to rise to the challenge. We’ll be glad to discuss your project in more detail!

High-Quality Grass Installation Services

Santa Cruz Artificial Grass has been providing expert installation services for years, paving the way for versatile, sustainable, and eco-friendly turf solutions in Northern California. Let us help you achieve your dream landscape!

  • Reliable Customer Service
    As experienced artificial grass installers, we know exactly what we are doing. Upon surveying the site and studying the project details, our team will determine the most efficient way to tackle your installation. We are open to feedback at any time.
  • Customizable Installation
    Our years of experience have given us the skills and know-how to create highly effective landscapes for any type of property. Talk to our experienced installers, and they will be able to come up with the layout you desire.
  • Fast Project Completion
    We can get your project completed on the first try! Even if your yard has uneven edges or steep terrain, you can expect a seamless, picture-perfect synthetic turf landscape from our team.

Get a FREE Installation Quote on Your Project!

Northern California artificial turf has never looked better, thanks to Santa Cruz Artificial Grass! Whether you require putting green turf or pet artificial grass in Santa Cruz, you can count on us to make it a reality. Call 408-723-4954 now for a FREE quote on your upcoming project.

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Tired of growing and mowing your lawn? Maybe it’s high time you try artificial turf. Not only does this need less maintenance, but it’s also quite appealing and offers unparalleled underfoot comfort. We install high-quality artificial grass to properties in many areas in California, particularly Santa Cruz. If you are interested in installing artificial grass on your backyard or front garden today, then contact us by filling out the online form.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ONLY A MAILING ADDRESS. WE DO NOT HAVE AN OFFICE. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Santa Cruz Artificial Grass to find out more. Our team can walk you through your artificial turf options, as well as the processes we employ in installing them. We might even be able to offer some creative ideas, if you ever need them.

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