Doggie Day Care Hack: Use Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Santa Cruz

If your dog day care business still has pet runs covered with real grass, you’re giving yourself much more work than necessary. Pet-friendly synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz is becoming the go-to surface of pet business owners due to its durability, ease of maintenance, realistic looks and other special features. Boost your bottom line and welcome happier dogs with synthetic turf!

dog jump in green grass

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pet Establishments

A big, grassy yard for dogs to run around on is a must for most pet care centers. However, real grass and dogs rarely mix. Playful paws can quickly ruin a natural lawn, while all the toxic bug and weed control chemicals used for natural lawn maintenance can harm frolicking canines.

This is where pet artificial grass in Santa Cruz comes in. Its unique features make it well-suited for doggy day cares and similar businesses:

1. It drains urine straight through synthetic turf.

No more stinky puddles to step on! Artificial grass is designed with a porous backing that can drain gallons of fluids a minute. Every time a dog goes potty on synthetic turf, you can simply rinse it out with a soap and water solution. For solid waste, just pick it up as usual then hose down the affected spot.

2. It can withstand heavy pet activity.

Dogs love digging, running and rolling around on the grass. However, a natural lawn is delicate and can be damaged even by light play. In contrast, pet-friendly synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz can handle even the rowdiest dog antics.

Canines can dig as much as they want without creating holes and dips on the surface. Synthetic turf will stay lush and upright no matter how many dogs and people use it at any given time.

3. It is safe and non-toxic.

Dogs can fall ill if they come in contact with chemical-treated grass, fleas, ticks, burrs and other dangers that hide in real grass. Eliminate this risk by switching to pet-friendly synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz. It functions like real grass with none of the pests and toxins that inhabit a natural lawn, so dogs can play all day with no worries.

4. It is a wise investment.

If the upfront cost is the only thing that’s stopping you from making the switch, keep in mind that synthetic turf is one of the smartest investments you can make for your business.

With proper care, synthetic turf can last from 10 to 20 years. It also cuts down on your water and yard maintenance bills. On top of these, a pet establishment carpeted with safe and beautiful artificial grass is bound to attract more new patrons in the long run.

Boost Your Business with Artificial Grass

Aside from doggy day cares, virtually any business can benefit from the added beauty and functionality of artificial grass. Use it to upgrade your outdoor premises or to add a fresh look to your interior design.

Our team at Santa Cruz Artificial Grass can handle projects of any size and design. Aside from commercial turf solutions, we also offer residential artificial grass and putting greens for outdoor Santa Cruz yards. Call us today at 408-723-4954 for inquiries!

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