Enjoy a Safer and Cleaner Swimming Pool Area with Artificial Turf in Santa Cruz, CA

pool side with artificial grass

Planting grass around your swimming pool area is not the most practical landscaping decision. It can drown from overexposure to chemical-treated water, die from foot traffic, get slippery when wet and make it more likely for pool-users to trail dirt, grass, and other waste into the pool. Determined to liven up your pool area with something green? Achieve that look with artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA, without compromising your pool’s safety and overcomplicating its maintenance.

How Synthetic Turf Promotes Pool Safety

Artificial grass offers safety benefits that natural turf cannot match. Most of them are thanks to the following synthetic turf features:

Non-Slip Surface

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t get mushy and slippery when exposed to high foot traffic and excessive amounts of water regularly. Feel free to use it around your pool without compromising the area’s overall safety.

Cushioned Groundcover

Synthetic turf can come with extra padding to minimize injuries in case of slips and falls. Ask your local providers of artificial grass services in Santa Cruz for their recommendations for turf with exceptional impact-absorbing qualities.

Efficient Drainage System

Artificial grass is equipped with proprietary drainage that automatically gets rid of excess water from its surface. This enables the turf to dry faster upon exposure to moisture, unlike conventional pool surround flooring materials like wood, concrete, and tile.

Chemical-Free Upkeep

Unlike its natural counterpart, artificial grass doesn’t need chemicals like fertilizers to thrive.  These toxic solutions can seep into the swimming and contaminate the water.

How Synthetic Turf Makes Pool Areas Easier to Maintain

Keeping a swimming pool clean is difficult enough without the presence of natural turf, which introduces various contaminants into the mix. Here’s how synthetic turf can simplify pool upkeep:


Artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA covers the ground entirely upon installation. This hides all loose dirt that pool-users can trample on and bring into the swimming pool. It also eliminates muddy spots around the pool area.

Tough Turf

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t shed grass blades when exposed to excessive foot traffic. This eliminates grass from the contaminants that you need to clear off your pool.


Since it’s not alive, artificial turf neither contains the nutrients nor offers the ideal living conditions that most grass-loving pests need. Hence, it doesn’t require pesticides to keep pests at bay.


Synthetic grass stays healthy regardless of the climate or weather conditions, so there’s no need to make upkeep adjustments to high heat, heavy rains, and below-zero temperatures.

Consistent Height

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so there’s no need to mow or trim it. This also diminishes the chances of grass blades ending up in your swimming pool.

Simple Upkeep

It doesn’t take much to keep synthetic grass in top condition. You just need to keep it clear of debris, brush it often to keep its blades upright and give it a good rinse often.

Upgrade Your Pool with Artificial Turf

Simplify poolside upkeep and rest assured that your pool is safe for even the most boisterous pool-users when you transform its surrounds with synthetic turf. Call Santa Cruz Artificial Grass at 408-723-4954 to explore other turf applications, such as playground cover, landscaping material, putting greens in Santa Cruz and more!

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