Key Considerations When Installing the Best Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Santa Cruz

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Artificial turf is fast becoming the go-to outdoor groundcover for households with dogs. It’s dirt-free, paw-friendly, easy to maintain and tough enough to endure the antics of boisterous canines. Invest in the best synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz and consider these installation factors to give your dog a beautiful landscape to play in!

Factors to Consider When Installing Pet Turf

Aside from its pristine looks and pet-friendly properties, synthetic turf’s minimal upkeep requirements also make it a satisfying alternative to natural grass. Make the most of these benefits. Consider these factors to get the best artificial grass petscape for your home:

  • Turf Condition

The quality of the turf is something that you have to ponder on during pet artificial grass installation in Santa Cruz. Be selective. Top-quality synthetic grass lasts up to 10-15 years, giving your home a stunning lawn in the decade to come. It is also resistant to trampling and digging, which means you can let your dog loose on it without worrying about matted grass blades and unsightly holes.

  • Quality of Infill

The infill is the layer underneath the artificial turf. It’s what keeps grass blades secure and upright. Silica granules are a popular infill choice since they’re more durable than conventional crumb rubber. They can also withstand foot traffic and often comes with an antimicrobial coating. In addition, light-colored silica granules cool down synthetic grass during hot weather conditions. Make your yard a safer space for your dog with top-quality infill.

  • Odor Protection

Dogs pee and poop on the grass. The odor of this pet waste is often difficult to erase in natural lawns since you can’t apply soap solution on the turf without damaging the grass. Fortunately, eliminating lingering odors is easy with the best synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz. Just install a turf deodorizer to neutralize unpleasant smells in the turf. Opting for an infill that has deodorizing properties also helps.

  • Turf Installation

While you can place synthetic grass on your own, there’s a huge risk for costly and unsightly mistakes, especially if you have no experience in turf installation. You may not be able to get around uneven spots and secure seams consistently. With an expert artificial grass installer, you can rest assured that the final result is beautiful and error-free.

Install Synthetic Grass NOW!

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