Prevent DIY Installation Issues with High-Quality Artificial Grass Services in Santa Cruz

A lush, verdant artificial grass surface beats a natural lawn anytime. It’s evergreen, durable and easy to maintain. Choose high-quality grass services in Santa Cruz for your backyard project to avoid the various pitfalls of taking the DIY approach. Don’t think twice about working with the best synthetic turf installer in your area!

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4 DIY Pitfalls You Can Avoid with a Great Grass Installer

Hire a top-notch artificial grass company for your project and expect a flawless, error-free installation. Save yourself from the hassle and stress of doing it on your own. Get the lawn of your dreams and enjoy the low upkeep benefits of synthetic turf in no time.

Here are some of the problems that you can avoid when you use an expert installer.

1. Inaccurate Golf Ball Roll

Just getting any artificial grass for putting greens in Santa Cruz will not ensure a proper golf ball roll. You’ll need to choose your turf wisely.

With expert synthetic grass installation services, you’ll have access to a wide array of premium turf that’s patterned after those in golf courses. This guarantees you a game that perfectly mimics what’s offered at professional courses. Never second-guess the accuracy of your shots again with specially designed turf!

2. Room for Weeds

Artificial grass lawns are composed of pieced-together sections of turf. If the portion between the turf is not sealed off completely, weeds may grow and creep through the space. An expert installer can secure the installation thoroughly, preventing the growth of troublesome weeds within the grass carpeting.

3. Allergy-Triggering Turf

With expert turf installers, you can be assured that your lawn will have non-allergenic, pet-friendly synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz. Top-grade artificial turf neither generates nor attracts pollen, unlike natural grass. This means it won’t trigger allergies in your lawn users. Synthetic grass is also inhospitable to fleas, ticks and other insects, giving your pet a safer outdoor space.

4. Faulty Drainage

Poor artificial turf choice can leave you with a surface that’s prone to puddles and flooding. This is a serious issue, especially if you have pets who like using your turf as a bathroom. With professional grass installers, you’ll get a synthetic turf with a specially designed backing material and infill for efficient drainage. Get a grass surface that has proprietary drainage for a puddle-free lawn experience.

Invest in Top-Quality Artificial Grass Installation

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your artificial lawn with costly mistakes.  Hire a professional synthetic grass installer to do your yard.

Get a flawless synthetic turf installation for your home with the help of Santa Cruz Artificial Grass! Our services have the following benefits:

• Thorough evaluation of your outdoor area for landscaping
• Variety of choices for grass
• Helpful and caring team of installers
• Grass installations that are backed by up to 15 years warranty
• Realization of your dream landscape on the first try!

Transform your outdoor spaces with our high-quality artificial grass services in Santa Cruz. Call us now at 408-723-4954 to request a FREE quote!

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