Spruce Up Rental Spaces with Premium Artificial Turf in Santa Cruz, CA

table and chair in artificial grass

Level up your rental building’s function and aesthetic without drastically increasing your management tasks and expenses. Upgrade its spaces with top-quality artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA. While synthetic grass requires a significant upfront cost, its long-term benefits guarantee that it’s a worthwhile investment.

Smart Synthetic Grass Ideas for Your Rental Spaces

Artificial turf stays pristine with minimal maintenance. Since it’s synthetic, you can use it for indoor, outdoor and vertical installations. On top of these, artificial grass can withstand heavy foot traffic, accommodate heavy equipment and tolerate harsh weather conditions without getting damaged.

Maximize synthetic turf’s space-boosting potential. Liven up your rental spaces with these creative artificial grass ideas:

• Create grass accent walls.

Cover a wall or two with synthetic grass to infuse a fresh touch to your interior design. Lush grass goes well with almost any aesthetic, so your tenants won’t have any difficulties incorporating it into their decorating style.

• Craft carpets made from grass.

Create carpets or rugs using artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA. Use these unique coverings to add vibrant pops of color to your floors. Integrate them into your pet-friendly units to give your canine tenants a patch of realistic greens to enjoy.

• Cover balconies with grass.

Give your tenants a lush oasis by covering their balconies with synthetic turf. You can carpet the entire floor space or just a portion of it. Encourage them to start a garden and watch your rental building transform into a budding green haven.

• Carpet play spaces with grass.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is dirt-free, sturdy and easy-to-maintain. It also provides extra padding, minimizing the risk of bruises, scrapes and other injuries due to slips and falls. It’s the perfect groundcover for your indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

• Open a golf green.

Add putting greens in Santa Cruz to your rooftop or lounge area to increase your tenant’s entertainment amenities. Feel free to get creative with your course’s design. Integrate multiple holes, uneven terrain and unique obstacles to keep it challenging.

• Build a dog run.

If you’re running a rental building that’s open to canines, consider replacing all your natural grass with pet-friendly synthetic turf. It’s paw-friendly, odor-free, durable and easy to maintain. Just wash and rinse areas that came in contact with pet waste, and it’ll look good as new.

• Green up your swimming pool area.

Adding artificial grass around your pool will not only enhance its visual appeal; it will also make it a safer amenity. Synthetic turf offers a non-slip surface. Tenants who enjoy hauling themselves out of the water by leveraging the sides of the pool are less likely to get scrapes from artificial grass than other surround materials.

Improve Tenant Retention with Artificial Turf

Attract more renters, keep your tenants happy, and increase your revenue with beautiful, lush spaces. Enhance your rental building using synthetic turf.

For professional artificial grass services and unique landscaping solutions, look no further than Santa Cruz Artificial Grass. Whether your project involves a minor corner or a significant part of your rental, expect nothing less than a fast, consistent and error-free installation from our team of experienced turf experts. Call us now at 408-723-4954 to get a FREE quote!

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