Top 5 Landscaping Trends in 2020 with Artificial Turf in Santa Cruz, CA

If you want your lawn to look great year-round, consider installing artificial turf in Santa Cruz. This year’s trends include adding native plants, using technology and turning outdoor spaces into lounge areas. Latest landscape developments improve water use, maximize space and beautify any lawn regardless of the size, so consider applying them on your lawn!

Landscaping Trends in 2020 with Artificial Turf in Santa Cruz

5 Hottest Landscaping Trends with Synthetic Turf

Before starting your redesign project, it helps to list down your ideas for more elaborate planning later on. Here are the following 2020 landscaping trends that are worth considering if you are planning to revamp your lawn with artificial grass:

Vertical gardening

One of the latest landscaping trends this 2020 is vertical gardening. It is ideal for homeowners with smaller outdoor spaces. Aside from installing artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA, this is one of the easiest ways to incorporate green in your area.

The idea is to make use of a wall and plant in upright containers or wall vases with herbs and other flowering plants. You can also use wall planters for trailing plants such as Begonia if you want to achieve a greenery waterfall. Consider purchasing pot rings to elevate some of your flowers and plants in the patio.

Contemporary designs

Modern designs never go out of style. More and more homeowners install synthetic turf in their lawn due to the neat, clean corners it offers, making it easier to achieve a contemporary style garden.

Minimalist design, such as a marble sculpture, also goes well with this trend. You can add modern water or fire feature in your outdoor space, too. The goal is to choose pieces that are resilient and can withstand the harsh elements of nature, such as artificial grass. Other materials include native plants, protective brick barriers and heat lamps.

Classic blue designs

2020’s Pantone Color of the Year is classic blue, and homeowners are incorporating it in their lawns. This color scheme will brighten any outdoor space and looks good with turf landscapes and putting greens in Santa Cruz.

For this trend, consider planting flowering plants such as lungwort, blue start and may night salvia. These flowers bloom in attractive blue, instantly beautifying your outdoor spaces. Best of all, these florets don’t require a lot of maintenance, making it the perfect partner for artificial grass.

Geometric schemes

Geometric and ornate schemes will not only look good as an interior design, but they are also a great addition to your lawn. Consider replacing your old pots with basketweave designs, lattice and other textured materials.

Porcelain tiles that can be found in bathrooms are now appearing in walkways and patios. Combined with artificial grass, your walkway will look unique and absolutely perfect. The idea is to throw some materials that are commonly found inside to make your backyard look more attractive.

Upgrade Your Backyard Today with the Latest Landscape Trends

Now that you know the latest landscaping trends of 2020, it’s time to upgrade your backyard. Transform your average lawn into a head-turning, functional green space that requires little to no maintenance. For more questions, call your Santa Cruz Artificial Grass at 408-723-4954 to learn more about our artificial grass services in Santa Cruz today!

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